Your Name Lord by Loveworld Singers

All authority, supremacy
Is bestowed on Your name, oh Lord
For there is no greater power
Than Your matchless name, Lord Jesus

The salvation of all mankind
Is dependent on Your holy name
All sovereignty, rule, and dominion
Is subject to You, Lord Jesus

Lord, Your name is glorious in power
In Your name, kingdoms are conquered
Your power none can overthrow
In all territories seen and unseen

We proclaim Your name to the nations
Every tribe and tongue
Shall confess and bow to Your holy name
Lord and King of all
Sovereign is Your name

Your name, Lord, is unconquerable
The direct access to the Father
There is nothing that can stand against
Your powerful name, Lord Jesus

Your name, oh Lord, is absolute
Unparalleled and supreme
Lord, Your name is unsurpassable
It’s high above all names

Almighty God, You conquered death
You’re the One who died and rose again
You reign victoriously, eternally
Righteous Lord

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