You are amazing by loveworld singers

You Are Amazing by Loveworld Singers

You made us wonders, saviors in this world
Almighty God we all delight in you
You gave us everything that pertains to life and godliness
You gave us so much now we have more than enough

Thank You for who You are
And what You have made us to be
Thank You for Your love, Lord Jesus

Most of all, we are grateful
For the true relationship we have with You
Precious Lord, we thank You
For the sweet fellowship we have with You

We’ve seen Your mighty hands
We’ve been blessed by Your goodness
Almighty God, we cannot tell it all

The glory of Your works
Lord, Your awesomeness is seen in all
For this and much more, Lord we are thankful

You are amazing, You’re good and faithful
Wonderful Father
Your love is boundless and true

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