What A Privilege by Loveworld Singers

God of our salvation
Perfection of divinity
You’ve beautified our lives
You called us out of darkness
Into Your great light
And made us kings and priests

Lord, we see Your faithfulness
In every way
Your grace has given us
Right standing with You
You made us just like You
Far above all authority
Now and ever more

What a privilege
To be seated with You
Oh, Most High God
High above principalities and powers
We are enthroned with You, oh God
In Your amazing grace
You reign through us
You are righteous, oh Lord

You’re the perfect light of truth
For all humanity
You are the light of our lives
You made us for Your pleasure
Life so divine You’ve given us
Oh, Faithful God

You’re the beauty of creation
The son of God, Most Holy One
Prince of Peace
Who’s made us victorious

Over sin, over death
When You conquered the grave
We conquered with You
Now we live in Your glorious truth
The God kind of life

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