Medley 6 by Loveworld Singers

God of all ages
King of all kingdoms
The Omnipotent

The apex of wisdom
The works of Your hands
Are ineffable

You are holy and great
Righteous and glorious
You are the source of life

You are faithful and good
Fearful in praises
You are the strength of our lives

Hallelujah, blessed be Your name
Hallelujah, to Your majesty
Oh Lord

In Your majesty, we reign in victory
In Your majesty, we live forever
In Your majesty, death and hell
Were swallowed up in victory

King eternal, the only Mediator
With Your blood You entered once
into the most holy place

Securing salvation for all mankind
Forever we have access to the
throne of grace

God enthroned
Revealed in splendour
As You ride upon the cherubim

Most Holy God, How perfectly You lead us
In glorious victory

King of peace, Lord, You rule eternally
King of righteousness
We adore Your holy name

Blessed be Your name, Lord
Glory to Your name, Lord
Holy is Your name, Lord
Honour to Your name, Lord
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

You are holy
You are holy
Lord God

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