God of Creation by Maya, T-Sharp & Loveworld Singers [MP3 & Lyrics]

God of creation

God of Creation lyrics by Maya, T-Sharp & Loveworld Singers

Son of God
Clothed in splendor
Like the blazing sun
With glistening rays
Your glory no eyes can behold
Adorned with endless beauty
In shimmering colors
You’re like majestic mountains
Dressed I winter snow
Like a white velvet shawl
I am do dazed in awe of You
Speechless in reverence
You’re Amazing, Amazing

Morning sun, creation’s masterpiece
Gorgeous clouds with silver lining
Face of oceans waters creation’s mirror
Rhythm of rain drops nature’s orchestra
Lord I stand amazed at the works of Your hands
For You are more beautiful than diamonds
I see the rainbow Like a ribbon in the clouds
I see nature elegantly displayed
Creation’s magnificent design
I cannot help but say
My God, You are wonderful

God of creation
You’re the greatest
You’re the wonder of all time
None like You
Awesome Creator
The greatest Designer
The beauty of the earth

God of creation
You are the Maker
You’re the Potter
I’m the clay
I’m so grateful
I’m Your instrument of praise

The works of Your hands
Are the wonders of the earth
Oh Lord to You be praised
You’re merciful and kind
Compassionate and pure
Oh Lord to You be praised

Oh Lord to You be praised

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