Forever Thankful by Loveworld Singers

Exceedingly, abundantly
More than words can describe
Are the treasures of the prearranged
Life You gave to me
You are the one at work in me
To will and to do, of Your good pleasure, oh Lord

I’m forever thankful for
Your unfailing love for me
You chose and qualified me
To be called Your very own

I’m forever thankful for
The glory of Your life in me
The story of Your amazing grace
Fills my heart with endless praise

Every good and perfect gift
Comes from You, my Lord
The peace within my heart
And the joy of my salvation
The gift of Your righteousness, I enjoy
For all these and more, I say

Great is Your majesty
Lord Jesus almighty
You gave me all I ever need
I live my life for Your glory, Lord
Of your reign in and through me
There shall be no end
All the glory to Your name

For the life You gave
You made me perfect as you are
Lord, I thank You
For the glory of Your word in me
Almighty God
Lord, I thank You
Lord Jesus, You made my life so beautiful

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