Father of love
You are the reason I live
For me, You paid the perfect price oh Lord
I’m so thankful to You

You made me Your own
Inseparably one with You
My heart You made Your dwelling place
Oh Lord
You’re so good to me

You graciously gave Your life for me
Rose from the grave and gave me victory
I’m a new creature
I was born sin-free
I live in the God-kind reality

Blessed be Your name, oh Lord
For the life You’ve given me
Your grace is abundant in my life
You consummated me in Christ the Lord

Blessed be Your name, oh Lord
For Your power at work in me
By the finished works of Christ
You have justified me

In You, I live and move
And have my being eternally
Abounding in every good work all my days
Just as You planned it to be

In this, I’m confident
That I’m made perfect by Your word
To unveil the truth and beauty of Your love
I’m so grateful to You

Call: Life-giver
Resp: Life-giver

Call: My strengthener
Resp: My strengthener

Call: My delight
Resp: My delight

Call: My teacher
Resp: My teacher

Call: All-knowing
Resp: All-knowing

Call: And sovereign
Resp: And sovereign

All: You made me who I am

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